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How Vishub can change the future of your business?

Several decades after Graham Bell invented the telephone, it is still the hottest business channel for lead generation and customer engagement. A lead worked out on a phone call is more valuable to a business than any other form that’s why when the phone rings you’d better pick it up.

Our telephony is connected directly to your data which gives a powerful solution to your business.

Vishub uses the concept of cloud telephony to allow you to make and receive multiple calls & SMSes simultaneously, without having to invest in any additional infrastructure. Services like IVR, Call Recording, Bulk Texts, event based calling, etc. are only some among the many features cloud telephony has to offer.

Using Calls and Texts can reduce the number of touch points you need to make something work. At the same time, these calls and Texts can also be tracked and measured to innovate consistently.

It allows you to manage the increasing volume of phone calls and integrate the data from those phone calls with into the Vishub’s Customer Relationship Management Software.

Do you really need to change your business phones to cloud business phones? No

All you need is headsets to get started.

Highly reliable : - The servers behind vishub services are located in secure data centres. This reduces the chances of downtimes due to issues like fibre cuts, roads getting dug up, and physical outages.

Pay as you go : - You can pay based on your usage through vishub’s integrated payment gateway. As you grow, your phone system will grow with you. With vishub, you can keep adding virtual numbers, call flows as you grow. You needn’t worry about any additional infrastructure when your call volume increases.

No Physical Servers : - No physical servers are required at your office location which means a zero server cost.

Complete Control : - You can make quick changes to your system from your browser. No IT team needed anymore.

Actionable Insights : - Get key metrics, understand performance and optimise your operations with vishub. It allows you to get detailed reports with data including call volumes the number of calls missed, operator productivity, duration of calls and a lot more.

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