Customers Required? Effective Email Marketing can do the job

Email Marketing simply means sending a commercial message which can include ads, request business, brand awareness messages etc. to a group of people using email.

The group of people generally includes existing customers or subscribers which means the whole concept of email marketing involves improving communication and enhancing relations between a merchant and its current and previous customers.

There are two important factors that decide the effectiveness of any email broadcast campaign are content and web interface that can measure and report the quality of the broadcast.

At some point in time we all need inspiration to reach out to people and do our jobs effectively. All of us need examples of awesome content. You can search the internet or go on your favorite social network to get an idea of what your connections are talking about.

However, the difficult part is finding a software that can help you achieve the best results from your powerful content and large customer database. The software should not just allow you to schedule and send emails but it should allow you to monitor and report the effectiveness of your campaign.

We at Vishub have developed a powerful emailing system which allows you to create/edit email templates, send broadcasts, transactional emails and see reports to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

Features of Vishub Email Interface

Create and Edit Templates:- Creation/Editing is really simple. If you have used any word processor software like Microsoft Word, you would find it really easy to use Vishub Email interface while designing or editing template. You can drag, drop and click to create/edit your template.

There is an option for professional web designers to write highly customize HTML to create/edit template.

You can switch between HTML/Design/Preview modes.

Schedule Broadcasts:- Vishub allows you schedule your email broadcasts. You need to specify the date and time and the system automatically shoots email on that specific date and time.

Transactional Emails:- In addition to scheduling bulk email sends, you can also send transactional emails. You can select any customer from existing customer database and send a transactional email.

Reports:- Every email that is sent out of the Vishub system is tracked and reported. You can see reports that explain how many opens/closed/not opened out of emails sent every day.