How Vishub Text Broadcast works for you?

All you need to perform a result oriented Text Broadcast with Vishub is the “Message”. You need to set up the schedule by specifying the date and time.

The Vishub broadcast system stores this information until it's time to send the message. When it's time to deliver the messages, the Vishub system takes care of dialling, addressing and sending them.

Pheww……It’s as easy as you have read it.

The most effective way of brand promotion that avoids noise is Text Marketing. Nothing cuts through the noise like Text messages. Email, Facebook, Twitter, messaging apps and print ads all have their place, but if you want to reach 97% of your subscribers wherever they are and have them actually respond then Text Marketing is the right approach. Compared to email marketing, Text Marketing has a very high open rate.

Essentially, almost every Text sent is opened and read whereas only a fraction of emails sent are read. When a subscriber feels that buzz in their pocket or hears that trill signaling a text message, they always look. In some cases, text messages are automatically opened, where emails aren’t. Subscribers have a choice to open your email.

Do you have to message a group from 25 to 25,000? No worries you can send tens, hundreds, even thousands of text messages at once. Go small or go big. Vishub is scalable to hundreds and thousands of messages.

With Pay as Go billing the system keeps track of your spending which helps you monitor the effectiveness of you campaign.

Do you find it difficult with getting timely information to the group and frustrated that there is not a better way to reach your group than email, Twitter, Facebook or GroupMe? Don’t worry anymore we have got the solution for you with Vishub there are no limits to the size of a group.

Vishub provides the ultimate texting solution it not just allows you to send text broadcasts to large groups but you can also send transactional message to individuals. The best part is you can receive and see all replies or any other incoming message. The messages that are received on your Vishub virtual number are visible in the Vishub interface which makes it easy to manage your campaign.

Now, you can truly Acquire, engage and retain your customers with Text Marketing. Make most of your contacts database now by submitting us an enquiry now.

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